What is kenbu?

“Kenshibu (剣詩舞)” is a traditional Japanese performing art that combines two styles of performance: “Kenbu (剣舞)” and “Shibu (詩舞).”
a type of creative performance staged with a Japanese folding fan and a katana sword.

Both involve performing to the accompaniment of recitation, creating a form of artistic expression deeply rooted in the poetic traditions of Japan.

We can do a lesson in English.

Hyoga sensei is fluent in English.
English lessons are available in the Kenbu class in Saitama, Japan (near Tokyo).
If you are living in japan, You can also take lessons together with Japanese students!

If you’re interested in taking lessons,
feel free to reach out.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Main practice content

◆Foundational training includes posture and walking, developing core strength essential for sports and everyday life, as well as acquiring comprehensive body management skills.

◆The lesson includes using both the katana sword and fan, performing to the accompaniment of Japanese classical music.

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